The world’s most improbable incidents are getting stranger and stranger lately. We discuss beauty pageants, where a growing number of brave contestants have shown up to demonstrate that beauty is a relative concept.

Chiara Bordi, 18, a contestant in the “Miss Italy” pageant, assumed the spotlight.

Being the first participant in a beauty competition for those with disabilities, she created history. Girl only has one leg.

When she was 13 years old, the girl fell off her bicycle while cycling under a car, losing a portion of her left leg. Chiara’s recovery has been extremely challenging, particularly psychologically.

The girl entered the competition after adjusting to her new identity more to demonstrate that life is lovely no matter what than to win.

Everyone, even Chiara, was surprised by her ability to make it to the final. The jury’s verdict placed Chiara Bordi in third place.

– My brief participation in a beauty competition resulted in third place. After a few days of work, I had a great experience that gave me an unimaginable sense of joy, and I’m quite delighted about that.

The most peculiar aspect of this tale is how harshly the girl was criticized.

Some believed the youngster went so far because the jury was sympathetic toward her due to her disabilities.

Chiara responded to similar remarks by saying, “You have no heart or intellect, just like I have no legs.”