GA COVINGTON – A great-great-grandmother from Georgia is enjoying her best life despite being 106 years old.

Martha Malcolm got third place in the Halloween costume contest at the nursing home where she lives in Covington.

She arrived to the occasion wearing a whole Falcons uniform, including a helmet and football.

In September, Malcolm turned 106. Her family jokes that she was born in Logan County, Georgia, and that she married her husband at the “first drive-in wedding.”

The woman from Covington’s family keeps getting bigger. She now has 12 great-grandchildren, eight great-great-grandchildren, and five grandchildren.

Her family says that she loves to hang out with young people and go on trips.

I asked her the other day, “Mother, when they find out you lived to be 106, what are you going to tell them?” S he said,”Because I’m going to live longer than you all, I’ll be here next year,” said Gail Mobley, her daughter.

Everyone at FOX 5 is excited to see what she wears next year.

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