A construction worker sees a girl get out of her car and start running on the road, so he steps in to help.

He knew right away that she was trying to get away from her kidnapper and that he had to help.
Each of us can be a hero in our own way.

We just need to move quickly and smartly.

Some people in another part of the country or state might need our help. Some people fight their battles in silence, waiting for someone to come up to them and talk to them.

But others cry out for help.

I mean, some people actually scream or plead for help.

At first, this will also make us feel scared. We often ask, “What should I do?”

Even if we’re the last hope for someone, we could be in danger if we don’t act quickly and wisely. For some of us, our instinct to live is enough.

Kevin Huntington is all too aware of this.

Kevin works in construction, so he knows his way around Northern Virginia’s I-95.

He drives by interstate highways a lot, where he knows strange and dangerous things happen.

It was a normal Thursday until something happened.

He was working on the road near Mile Marker 155 on the said interstate. As usual, the highway was busy, but a car going too fast caught my eye.

He was scared when he saw a woman jump out of a moving car.

Watch the video below to learn more about this dangerous rescue.

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