Those of us who have lost someone we loved can say with certainty that life can change in an instant.

It’s possible that the fact that we never know what’s around the next corner or how it might change us for the rest of our lives is what makes our lives so special and unique.

Most people don’t find it surprising that life is fragile, but when you lose a loved one, you realize just how much hangs in the balance.

19-year-old In 2018, Carter Brown was in his first year at Indiana State University. He was in a stable relationship with Kaylee Suders, the girl he thought was the love of his life.

“Losing a child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent, but losing two in seven months is terrible,” said Chris Brown, the brothers’ father.

Kaylee, who was in love with Carter, was also very saddened by his death. The couple had made several plans for the future, one of which was to go to Kaylee’s prom together.

Kaylee, a senior at James Buchanan High School in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, decided not to go to prom because of Carter’s sad death. She knew in her heart that the event just wouldn’t be the same.

Carter’s father, Robert, was the high school’s football coach by chance. When he heard about Kaylee’s hard choice, he decided to do something about it.

“Every time prom came up in conversation, I kept thinking that my son would want [Kaylee] to go,” he said. “That gave me the push I needed to get things going.”

Robert came up with a sweet plan and talked to the high school’s principal to get permission. He then asked Kaylee to marry him in a way she didn’t expect.

You might have guessed already what was in that proposal: Robert asked Kaylee if he could go to prom with her instead of his son. Kaylee agreed, and the two of them went to TGI Friday’s, where she and Carter had their first date, for a meal before the prom.

Kaylee said, “I know that Carter was watching over us and probably grinning from ear to ear because his dad came with me.”

From what everyone says, Kaylee and Robert had a lot of fun at the prom. Robert said that he gave Kaylee the chance to get dressed up and be showered with love. He also gave her happy memories that would last a lifetime.

Kelly Brown, Robert’s wife and the mother of Chris and Carter, wrote about the event on Facebook. She posted cute photos of Kaylee and her husband there. The caption that went with it said:

“This is yet another reason I love my husband. Robert went with Kaylee to her prom because Carter couldn’t. I know Rob wasn’t your first choice for a date, Kaylee, but he’ll always be mine.”