A young girl with kidney cancer is fighting her disease with strength and bravery. Anya Ottley, who is 6 years old, is brave enough to sing and act out the popular “Fight Song” to show how much she wants to beat her illness.

Anya was diagnosed with kidney cancer in November 2017. From then on, the little girl got medical care all the time and went through almost 28 rounds of hard chemotherapy. She also had surgery to remove her left kidney and to remove the tumor. Even though she has been through a lot in her life, she still loves to sing and make people laugh. So, when she started treatment, her mother, Kathryn, told her she could sing at a ring-the-bell party when she got better.

“Anya asked me what the song should be, and we thought of ‘Fight Song,’ which fits really well.” Kathryn said.

And the little girl, who loves to dance and sing, couldn’t wait for that special event. And now that she has the chance, she is up and ready to sing the “fight song” with all her energy. The cute video shows a huge fan of Little Mix singing her song at a wedding, and the whole crowd starts crying.

Anya’s mother told her that at the end of her multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she would have a “ring-the-bell” party to celebrate that she was better. This made Anya feel better about going through the treatments. Anya was so happy when she heard there would be a party that she decided she would sing “Fight Song” at the party.

Anya knew that going to a wedding would be the perfect time to try out the song in front of a crowd. Even though the “performance” happened a few years ago, it is still just as powerful as it was back then.

Anya’s uncle took a picture of the whole beautiful moment, and it’s an amazing thing to see. This sweet and brave little girl is singing her heart out, and it makes me feel everything. Even though Anya is young, she has the strong character of someone much older. During her ordeal, she has been such an inspiration to those around her. Now, the whole world is getting to see what an amazing young girl she is.

Her family is raising money for the Little Princess Trust and Manchester Children’s Hospital and praying hard for her to get better.