Nicky thought she was very lucky to have a daughter and a loving husband. Even though the girl was born during the first marriage, her second husband was a great man who not only accepted the child, but also loved her like she was his own daughter and helped her in everything she did.

Nicky could only think about one thing: her childhood dream. Since she was a little girl she knew, that she would want to adopt a child, once she grew up. The girl was very interested in the idea of helping someone who couldn’t be adopted.

She was afraid to tell her husband, but she did it eventually. She was glad to hear that he agreed with the plan to adopt.

“Before we chose Ruslam, we must have looked at thousands of profiles. We knew right away that it was our child.”

Rustam was born with a lot of birth defects. As soon as she saw him, his mother left him. Even so, she was the only one to blame for what happened. The boy couldn’t have a normal, healthy life because she was living in a way that wasn’t good for him.

The boy’s facial features were born with him, and he couldn’t eat on his own. Even though the doctors did everything they could to fix the boy’s face, he had to be fed through a tube. Rustam also didn’t talk at all and didn’t grow as fast as other kids. Also, a baby was born with only one leg.

Nicky said that she wasn’t scared when she saw the child for the first time. She thought right away about what she and her husband could do to help.

“For a split second, I thought, ‘What have we done?’ Then I started to think logically again, because so much had to be done… Nicky said.

Since the adoption, exactly one year has gone by. Step by step, the new parents taught their son how to live a normal life, like how to walk with crutches and then, using a prosthesis, how to speak. The child worked a lot with a speech therapist, and now others may be able to understand what he says.

Nicky says that at first, the people around and the kids laughed at Rustam because they were afraid of him. They didn’t want to play with him on the playground because they were afraid of him.

Nicky made an Instagram account at some point so she could tell everyone about her son. She started to post his pictures and talk about interesting parts of their lives.

Rustam’s page got a lot of attention quickly. The story of the boy caught the attention of the media, and Nicky and his son began to be asked to appear on TV shows. The public’s view has changed for the better because of this.

Nicky tells her son not to be ashamed of how he looks and tries to teach him that the soul is the most important part of a person.

Rustam still has a lot to do, but his family will always be there for him and help him.

Nicky says of her beloved boy, “He makes us happy.”