After being told he only had 30 days to live, a man is now being called a “walking miracle.”

Collin Pace was told that he only had a month to live. He had just turned 18. In a Washington, D.C. Collin talked about what happened and why the doctor said he only had a month to live in a video.

In the video, he said, “When I was 16, I lived in Springfield, Virginia, and went to Lake Braddock High School. Started getting sick, you know, thought it was the flu, thought it was colds, just having problems all the time.”

So, for the next two years, Pace was “constantly in and out of hospitals” and had “several different procedures” and “exploratory surgeries” to try to find out what was wrong with him.

He said, “When I was breathing, I had a lot of problems. My heart would beat fast, and then it would slow down to a crawl. Mostly living in a cycle of pain from day to day.”

After meeting with the doctor and going through more tests and procedures, Pace got sad news. The doctor told him he had “Stage four CS” and that it had already spread to other parts of his body.

Pace said that it was his birthday on that day. They went to Johns Hopkins instead of having a party. When the doctor got there, the test was done. He said, “And they couldn’t do anything.”

He said that you have about 30 days left at this point. You can choose to stay here in the hospital or go home, and we’ll give you whatever medicine you want to make you as comfortable as possible. ”

He says, “If this is how it’s going to be, I’ve decided I want to take one more trip with my family.” So, in February, our church went to Israel. About a week into the trip, we went to the Jordan River. At this point, I was so tired, but I had already decided in my mind and heart that I would make it to the river.

Pace continued, “My brothers had to carry me to the water because I couldn’t walk, and I remember knowing that I would go under the water and come out a different person. I knew it because I could feel it. When I got out of that water, my cancer would be gone.”

Pace said that when they got back to the U.S., he had to get another blood test. Then there was a miracle…

His tests showed no signs of cancer at all.

He went on to say, “There is no relief. There is no drop in blood levels, but they are going away. It was as clean as if it had never been there, and I could feel my body getting stronger from that day on.

I could feel the pain going away. So, the enemy worked hard to stop me from doing everything God had planned for me, but I can tell you that God’s power has the last word.

He and his family are now active members of their church, Summit Church, and he is now a small group leader there.