On her way to work one morning in Georgia, Kendra Powell did what she always did. But one morning, she saw something that caught her eye.

She saw a state trooper car on the side of the road with the trunk open, but no one was there.

Powell had a strong urge to check on that car for whatever reason.
Everyone involved will never forget what happens next.

Even though police officers are supposed to protect and serve their communities, stories in the news over the years have made many people afraid of them.

Powell gave in to the urge and turned around to look at what was going on.
Powell is well aware of the tension between different groups of people in our country. Because of this, a lot of people have to be extra careful when they talk to police officers.

She drove slowly to the scene and rolled down her window a little. Then the state trooper showed up.

Powell wrote in a post:

“Even with all that was going on in the news, I felt like I had to stop and make sure he was okay. I never saw him; all I saw was his car. So, I went by slowly and then turned around. I pulled up to the car and opened a window, letting my hands hang out. I saw a white trooper get out of the car’s side.”

She would find out soon what he was doing.
After saying “good morning” to the trooper in a friendly way, Powell wanted to make sure he was okay and didn’t need any help.

Even though she had heard other stories in the news, the Georgian woman was treated with kindness. It also turned out that nothing was wrong. He was just cleaning the windows of his car.

“He gave her a beautiful smile and said, “No, ma’am. I’m cleaning my windows.” I told him he had the good stuff when he showed me the bottle and towels. He laughed and asked if it was okay for him to clean mine too.

It turned into a scene that caught the attention of other drivers as well.
Much to Powell’s surprise (and delight), the state trooper started cleaning her windows right there on the side of the highway. In her post, she said:

“The best part of my day…

A state trooper used the good Rain X cleaner to clean my windows. Everyone walking by looked like they were shocked. Then an older white couple came by and asked if theirs could be done, too. He also cleaned theirs, huh?

Even though the situation had already made Powell feel good, it soon turned into something even stronger.

“The woman offered to pay him, but he told her to say a prayer for him instead. So we did. We all held hands and prayed while parked on the side of 46 in the early hours of the morning so that EVERYONE could see. White hands, black hands, officer hands, young hands, and old hands all gave glory like they had never done before.”

Powell decided to tell other people about her morning detour because it had moved her so much. After it was put online, it quickly spread like wildfire.

This post from Love What Matters went viral quickly, with over 319K shares.

Statista says that there were over 650K full-time police officers in the U.S. at that time. That day, Powell met one of the many people who go above and beyond what is expected of them and have a good heart.

She said this to end her post:

“I was late for work, lol, but it was really worth it. I couldn’t have asked for anything better to start my day.”

Check out the video for yourself and let it warm your heart.