No one can criticize people who spend their own money to look the way they want. But how much can you change yourself?

For forty years, Fulvia Pellegrino kept the truth from everyone. Pellegrino has always felt like a woman, even though she was born with a man’s body. Before she got married, she never felt at ease with the change.

Fulvia, whose old name was Fulvio, has been working hard to change her gender, and her partner is fully behind her. Fulvia went through a number of surgeries and cosmetic procedures as part of the process of becoming a woman. She thinks that these helped her get the “ideal” female body.

Fulvia has had more than 150 injections into her lips and cheekbones and has had four breast augmentations and two sets of liposuction over the years. And she has spent more than tens of thousands of dollars on these things.

Fulvia accepted that she was transgender when she was 15, but she didn’t tell her religious family. Fulvia was afraid that her priest father would kick her out of the family if he found out she was transgender. She said, “I was living with my very religious and close-minded family.

My dad made it impossible for me to make my will come true. He already had three sons, and he only wanted three more.

Before meeting Marissa 32 years ago, Fulvia had never told anyone about her secret. In the years after they got married, Fulvia began to look into the possibility of changing his gender identity to that of a woman. She started going to gay bars and getting dressed as a woman in her garage.

But Fulvia’s struggles with her gender identity were hidden from people who didn’t know her because she showed the world that she was tough. She would put her money into luxury cars and even buy guns. And when Marisa found out that Fulvia had decided to live as a woman, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Since then, sixteen years have passed…

She said, “It’s clear that Marisa lost, even if it’s hard to accept for a moment.” Marisa and I are nothing more than sisters right now. We share a home. We fight like any other two people, not like a husband and wife.”

Fulvia, on the other hand, went to therapy when she found out that hormone therapy might stop her from getting the body she wants. Marisa also went to a therapist for help. And through it all, Marisa never left Fulvia and did everything she could to adjust to her partner’s change.


Her friendship with Marisa did not change because of this. In fact, it got stronger. But Fulvia’s own family didn’t accept her when she began to change. In fact, she wasn’t even allowed to go to the funeral of her father. She said, “My dad asked my wife to sign a paper so that I could be sent to a mental hospital to change my mind.”

And these procedures didn’t come cheap. Fulvia had to sell her weapons and properties to pay for the surgeries.

She is happy with how her change is going so far. She said, “I’m now Peveragno’s clown. They are aiming at me. I’m talked about. People start making up stories that I’m a prostitute. All of my friends have left because they didn’t like me.

Without Marisa, I couldn’t be who I am or do what I do. She is here with me all the time.” “I’m not going to stop here,” she says. Even though it’s not perfect, I want to move forward. “If I get to perfection, I might stop.

Well, it looks like she won’t be done with the treatments and surgeries any time soon. Even though she didn’t get the help she wanted from her family, she did have a very helpful wife who encouraged her to try to become the “perfect” woman.