This is too perfect.

The bond between twins is stronger than that between siblings.
A person’s twin is with them even before they are born, and they will always be with them.

Even if twins aren’t exactly the same, they share DNA and ways of thinking that make them close. Twins have been known to share senses, read each other’s minds, and do other things that show there is much more going on than meets the eye.

This set of twins is probably the cutest you’ll ever see. The internet is going crazy over pictures of their birth, and for good reason. When you see this cute pair, you’ll want to squeal.

The twins were healthy and normal when they were born, or at least as normal as anyone could hope for. Unlike most babies, these ones didn’t seem to know that they had just been born. People all over the world are amazed by how they talked to each other in their first few moments in this world.

Watch the twins hugging in the video below.