There are some songs that will always be thought of as some of the best of all time.

One of them is “Seven Spanish Angels,” which was written by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, two of the most famous musicians of all time.

Even though the song was first sold in November 1984, real masterpieces are never forgotten.

The song is still very popular on streaming services and on YouTube, where it has been seen more than 72 million times.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the song went straight to the top of the music charts back when it was popular. It stayed there for a few months after its first rise to the top, with almost no competition.

First, the song was released on Ray Charles’s album Friendship. The next year, Willie Nelson put the song on an album called Half Nelson, which was a collection of his songs. In the United Kingdom, the record came out.

Even though it was Ray Charles’s most popular single during his long and successful career, people will always think of Willie Nelson when they hear the song.

Nelson’s musical reputation is well-known, and the song is beautiful both in terms of how it was written and how it was performed.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this song was at the top of the charts for a long time or that it is now getting a second wind on YouTube.

Hearing these beautiful songs for the first time must be a great experience for all of the younger listeners who aren’t too familiar with Nelson or Charles’s music.

You should definitely check out this video because it has Willie’s clear and natural voice, as well as great lyrics and a really unique sound.

They paid special attention to the best Tejano-style songs, like “El Paso.” Seven Spanish Angels tells the sad and kind of heartbreaking story of a cowboy bandit who fell in love and is now on the run from dangerous, armed men.

They were told to take the person who broke the law back to Texas.

The guys in the song, the outlaw, and the outlaw’s lover all got tangled up in the end, and the outlaw’s sweetheart was stuck in the middle of everything.

During the fight, the two lovers showed how much they cared for each other by locking arms. They did this because they believed that God would keep them safe.

The bandit, on the other hand, gets hit by a few shots, which brings us to the worst part of the story. After that, the outlaw’s sweetheart also died in a very short amount of time.