Some kids seem like they were born to be stars. Even though they are very young, they are brave and talented enough to entertain large crowds.

One three-year-old sang the national anthem without any trouble, making him the youngest person to ever do so in New York’s Carrier Dome stadium.

Never before has the national anthem been so cute. Wait until you see how well this little kid sings the classic song that starts each Syracuse Women’s basketball game.

Drake Grillo, who is three years old, is a cutie pie who was made for the spotlight.
It’s hard to believe that a 3-year-old could even remember the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner,” let alone sing it in front of more than 6,000 people. Drake Grillo isn’t just any kid, though. Watch as he bravely takes on the song and blows everyone away.

At the beginning of the video, the announcer introduces the boy from Auburn, New York, and he starts playing the “Star-Spangled Banner” right away. He’s lucky that his mom is kneeling next to him.

The young singer never misses a step. He sings the song word for word, and the crowd can’t take their eyes off of him. This must be the most beautiful way to sing the national anthem. The fact that the child is still having trouble with his “r’s” makes the performance even cuter.

People in the crowd are all smiling, and some are even taking photos and videos of the little boy. As the song goes on, he keeps impressing everyone there, who just stands there and watches in silence.

He is way too old for his age. Drake sings the song with ease, while some adult singers can’t even handle the pressure.
The toddler is so good at singing that you could hear a pin drop while he’s doing it, and no one can take their eyes off of him. This is so heartwarming that you could watch him do it a hundred times and it would never get old.

Of course, the three-year-old says some of the harder words wrong, but that just makes it even cuter.
Drake has a hard time pronouncing some words, like “gleaming” and “perilous,” but he tries his best. After all, he almost just learned how to talk, so it’s still a very impressive feat.

Drake ends the song well, going straight through the whole thing without stopping. When he’s done, the little boy feels embarrassed and runs to his mother. Bravo, kid!

The YouTube video is very popular, with over 3.2 million views and 44,000 likes at the moment.
People have been impressed by the little guy, especially since he was so young when he sang the song. One funny commenter on YouTube said:

“It’s impressive that he didn’t forget the words like some singers have. “Way to go, dude!”

There are a lot of great national anthem performances on the internet, but it’s not often that you want to give the singer a big hug. You definitely don’t want to miss this one.