Bishop Briggs’ last performance of “River” was blown away by 9-year-old Immy Davis. She was able to make a big impact on stage and take the BGT audience and judges to the next level, showing why she is a future star.

The 9-year-old singer got that look by waving a perfect white shirt that showed off all of her non-conformist vocal skills as her voice got louder and louder and the stage seemed to become her own platform.

Bishop Briggs, a British singer and musician, has been on a strong path, which now links up with his own two legs. Compared to such a young craftsman, though, it made a whole new egg, which the crowd seemed to try to squeeze into.

The combination of Immy Davis’s beautiful singing and live instruments made for a dreamlike experience that could stand on its own just about anywhere in the world. Be able to control everyone’s presence as well as an actor who has been trained well.

But because the young actor needed to be heard more clearly and carefully, Judge Simon Cowell asked if he could play the Waterway song without any emphasis so that he could hear the singer’s voice as part of a more fragmented game plan.

Four talented British judges would then give him a standing ovation. Judge David Williams would say that his performance was “good” and that it was amazing what a hot babe could do to shock the whole crowd.

Judge Amanda Holden tried to start by saying that this was one of the performances she did for a young Immy Davis before she won a bunch of Grammy Awards and made a lot of albums.