With the passing of time, new dance styles are always being made. And now that we are starting a new decade, who knows what will happen?

But just because there are new styles doesn’t mean that the old ones have to go away.

Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart are both great at dancing the Carolina Shag. At the USA Grand National Dance Championship, their traditional moves made the floor shine.

Get ready to feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Jay and Tobitha are great at dancing the Shag, and it’s a sight to see them do it.
When the music starts, the couples start their fancy footwork right away in front of the judges and the crowd. They move as smoothly as silk and sometimes look like they are made of air.

Catherine, one of the viewers, said:

“OMG, his legs are made out of rubber!” “This is all new to me; I’ve never even heard of a SHAG dance, let alone seen one done so well.”

The Shag is known for starting on the beaches of South Carolina many years ago. In the 1940s, it became popular among young people.
Southern Living has said that the Carolina Shag is a “cool beer on a warm night with a hot date and no plans for tomorrow.”

It’s a lively dance that’s still popular in the South and can be seen at dance contests all over the country. On the website Discover South Carolina, it says:

“One of the reasons the swag is such a popular dance is that anyone can do it, whether they are six or 96.” “It brings people together to have fun and enjoy the music, which is what everyone wants.”

During Jay Rollins and Tobitha Stewart’s dance routine at the dance championship, everyone was looking at them. It’s not surprising that they’ve both done so well in dance over the years.

Tobitha and her husband Ashley were both given the National Living Legends of Dance award in 2015. Jay was given the same award in 2018. In the state of North Carolina, they both teach shack dance.

From the way they move on the dance floor, it’s easy to see how much the couple enjoys dancing.
They move together gracefully, gliding and spinning while smiling widely. The song “Boogie The Joint” by Buddy Skipper and The Code Blues Band can be heard in the background.

Not only did the couples win the Master Shag Championships that day, but their performance has been watched over 968,000 times on YouTube!
Ann, a dancer like me, said:

“My husband and I used to country dance, and the shag is similar to the East Coast swing and the West Coast swing.” We also danced in competitions. These dancers have a lot of style. Rhythm is important when dancing with a partner. They already were. “I’ve seen their feet, and they’re pretty.”

After watching the video, Peggy wrote:

“What a pleasure to see! Thanks for showing me how it’s done.”