Family ties can’t be broken, and one grandfather from Edinburgh, Scotland, showed how much he loved his family in a touching way. His granddaughter was getting married, and she needed someone to walk her down the aisle. The 101-year-old did not let her down.

The grandfather of the year award should have gone to a retired GP who used to be a paratrooper. Even though William MacLean was old, he was able to make the dream of a loved family member come true.

Sarah Morson, his grandchild who lives in Manchester, England, was about to get married. But a cloud of sadness hung over the day’s happy events. Her dad wasn’t there when she married the man she loved most.

Like most little girls, Morson thought her dad would be there on her wedding day to walk her to the altar. He wasn’t, though. Her father died of cancer 11 years before she was ready to get married for life.

Morson was lucky to have another great man in her life: her grandfather. She asked him to do the honors and give her away at her wedding in 2015.

Beautiful pictures of the grandfather with his granddaughter on the day of her wedding quickly went viral and got a lot of comments.

Morson and MacLean have always been close, and the granddaughter remembers how happy her grandfather was when she told him she was getting married. So, she made sure he was a big part of the big day. She also:

“I love him very much. He was very happy when we got engaged, so we thought it would be a good thing for him to look forward to.”

MacLean’s wife died in 2014, and he was sick, but nothing would stop him from doing what his granddaughter asked. He would always be there for her.

After getting himself together, the well-dressed grandfather went to the Holy Trinity Church in Whitfield, Northumberland. He was working for Morson just like he had worked for his country many years before.

MacLean was so happy to be a part of the ceremony that he wore his military uniform and all of his medals. His granddaughter was thrilled and thankful that he was there. She told him:

“I couldn’t be happier about him. As a war hero and as a person, he has been through a lot.

The granddaughter said that MacLean was very serious about his role in the wedding. He gave her husband advice and told him that she was now his responsibility.

Morson lived a long way from her grandfather, but she went to see him as often as she could. When they were together, they always held hands because he liked it and knew that most people didn’t like touching older people.

MacLean had a brave life. He served during the Normandy landings and didn’t show the slightest bit of fear. He wanted to be a pilot, but he couldn’t because he was color blind.

He was still very proud of his successful military career, though. MacLean never got to be in charge of an airplane, but he did help make his granddaughter’s dreams come true.

Beautiful pictures of the grandfather with his granddaughter on the day of her wedding quickly went viral and got a lot of comments. Netizens were moved by the show of family love.

Even famous people, like comedian John Bishop, shared the post. MacLean was also praised by people online, and rightly so:

“Stories like this make you feel good inside. We shouldn’t only hear bad news. We should hear more good news. There must be a lot to be happy about that we don’t know about. A memory the bride will always treasure, and the bride’s grandfather is very proud.”

“I’m happy for Sarah on her wedding day. He must have been very proud to walk you down the aisle at your wedding. I can see that you have a special relationship with him. Your grandfather was your real hero because he served in the war. Thank you for telling me about your life.”

“What a great honor for you to have him at your wedding! I hope his positive outlook and long life rub off on you and your family. Thank you, too, grandfather, for everything you and your fellow soldiers did to give us all the good things we have today. We can’t say enough good things about you. Good luck.”

Even though he was old, MacLean was always there for his granddaughter when she needed him. He did a great job of stepping up and being her father’s replacement.