After stealing what he thought were painkillers but turned out to be laxatives, a man in Florida just got a bad dose of karma.

Peter Hans Emery, who is 56 years old, was caught on camera taking a bottle of pills from someone’s lockbox. People saw Peter pour the pills from the bottle into his hands and run away.

Peter thought he had stolen the dangerous and valuable hydrocodone, but it turned out to be a bottle of laxatives. Peter was confused when he saw “hydrocodone acetaminophen” on the label, but the bottle actually contained Equate Gentle Laxatives. As soon as the police asked him about it, he told them what he had done.

After Peter started to think that his roommate Jayme Ream was stealing from him, she switched the pills and set up a hidden camera.

The thief has a long list of theft convictions, including charges for breaking the law because he stole the painkiller Dilaudid before. Peter spent a total of 28 months in state prison for crimes like having cocaine, breaking and entering, forgery, resisting arrest, grand theft, auto theft, and not showing up to court.

When a thief gets what they deserve, it’s always nice to see. What goes around comes around, and crime really doesn’t pay off!

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