A rare type of quarter from 1970 could be worth as much as $35,000, it was just found out.

Some of the quarters that were made this year seem to have a mistake that makes them very valuable to collectors.

The valuable quarters were made from Canadian quarters from 1941, which is why they have a very small “1941” on the back, or “tails” side.

Mike Byers, a coin expert, said that this is a “proof” quarter, which means that it was made to be used as a test piece.

“Many error collectors look for proof errors very hard,” Byers said to explain why the coin is worth so much.

Byers has one of these quarters, which he bought at an auction in California.

“The design of the Canadian Quarter has a lot of small details on both sides,” he said of the coin.

“This is one of the most interesting proof mint mistakes that has ever been found.”
Byers wrote a book called “World’s Greatest Mint Errors,” which you should read if you’re interested in coins with mistakes.

Between now and then, you might want to look through your couch to see if you have one of these flawed coins.