Over the years, Ed Sullivan had a lot of guests who were known for dazzling crowds. In 1969, “The Jackson 5” played on the show, and young Michael led the group.

Michael starts the song by saying, “I want to tell you a story about a girl I met one day in school during sandbox.” He has on a big purple hat and a purple vest that goes with it.
His brothers are standing behind him. When Michael tells them what happened, they are shocked. Michael talks about how he met a girl and mistreated her, so she left him in art class.

Michael says, “I stood up and I said,” and then he starts to sing “Who’s Lovin’ You.” The brothers sing and sway along with him on two guitars while backing up his voice.

Michael’s body snaps and sways in front of a background of different colored stripes in line patterns. Michael shouts “Oh yeah” at the end, and his brothers all say “Oh yeah” back. They bow at the same time, and everyone loves it!

The legendary Smokey Robinson wrote the Motown soul song “Who’s Lovin’ You.” Many artists, like “The Temptations,” “The Supremes,” and “Michael Bublé,” have recorded the song. But the version by “The Jackson 5” is the most well-known. In 1968, the group signed with Motown Records and had four number-one hits in a row. The most popular songs were “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” and “I’ll Be There.” After a string of hits, the Jackson 5 wowed the crowd at Ed Sullivan’s show in 1969.