When her husband dies, a very old woman is very sad. Her little grandson is worried that seeing her sad will make him sad, so he comes up with a plan to cheer her up.

Anna thought she had finally figured out what life was all about, but then it hit her hard. Ronald, her husband of fifty years, died suddenly when he was 75 years old.

Anna and Ronald had been making plans for a dream trip to France, which they had been putting off year after year since their honeymoon. First, they had kids, then they got married and needed help…

Now it was too late, and Anna cried because she wouldn’t be able to share memories with Ronald. She couldn’t stop crying, and her daughter Clara thought about taking her to a therapist.

Clara told her husband and son, Ron, over dinner, “I’m so worried about mom.” “It has been more than six months, and all she does is cry. She never leaves the house, no matter what.”

Ron, who was 14 and had been close to his grandparents all his life, was upset. He sighed, “Poor grandma!” “I miss grandpa too, but for her, he was everything. Everything they did, they did together.

“What do you think about…

What if I take her out for walks in the afternoon, like she and grandpa used to do?”

His mother yelled, “That’s a great idea, Ronnie!” “What a nice thing to do!”

The next day, Ron went to his grandmother’s house about an hour before it got dark. He said, “Hey, grandma.” “Why don’t we go down to the lake and watch the sun go down?”

Anna turned her face away so her grandson couldn’t see the tears in her eyes. “Why would I want to do something so stupid?” she asked in a harsh voice.

Ron was taken aback. “But…you used to enjoy going to the lake so much…”

Anna yelled, “No more!” “I DISLIKE IT! Ron, don’t bother me. “Quick, do something useful!”

Ron was hurt when his grandmother fired him, but he didn’t know that she felt the same way. She asked herself, “Why did I say that to that poor boy?” “He only meant to help…”

Ron told his mom what had happened that night. He said in a sad voice, “Maybe she doesn’t want our help, mom.”

“She may not want it,” Clara said. “But she needs it for sure. Grandpa would not want her to lose weight this way. He loved life, and Grandma Anna was his best friend.”

“Yeah!” Ron said. “It was awkward to see two old people holding hands and kissing. He always gave her flowers!”

The great idea came to Ron at that moment. Like his grandfather used to do, he was going to buy his grandmother flowers every day. Maybe if she knew every day that she was loved, things would change.

Ron decided he wouldn’t say anything to his mom. He had just gotten paid for the first time at his new weekend job. He was going to do this all by himself for his grandmother.

The next day, Ron went to a nearby flower shop and asked for some flowers to be sent to Anna’s house in the afternoon. When the florist gave Ron the bill, he couldn’t believe it. $60!


He gasped, “That’s a lot of money!”

The florist said, “It’s a bunch of red roses.” “And you’re having it delivered.”

Ron asked, “What if next time I only want one flower and I pick it myself?” “What would it cost?”

The woman said, “That would be $6.” Even at six dollars, it was a lot. Ron figured out how much it would cost him to buy one flower every day and realized that he would have to spend his whole paycheck on flowers for Anna.

Ron knew it was worth it when he saw Anna smiling when he went to see her that afternoon. “Look, Ron! ” she wept. “Someone sent me flowers, just like your grandfather used to…”

“That’s great, grandma,” he said in a soft voice. “It’s great to see that you’re getting better.”

“Your grandfather was such a dreamer! ” Anna said. “These flowers reminded me of our first dates and how alive he made me feel,” she said.

“You know, Ron, there were times when money was tight during our marriage, but your grandfather brought me a flower almost every day, even if he stole it from a neighbor’s garden.”

“He told me he didn’t want me to forget how much he cared about me.”

Ron was even more determined to keep getting those flowers, even if it was just a single rose sent every day by the florist without his knowledge, no matter how much it cost.

Ron asked for more hours at work so he could earn more money for the flowers. He also stopped getting sodas with his friends at the local diner after work.

One of Ron’s coworkers at the hardware store where he worked asked, “What’s going on, Ron?” “You never come around anymore!”

Ron gave his friend an embarrassed shrug and then told him the truth: “I can’t afford it. I’m giving all of my money to my grandmother in the form of flowers. She was so sad, so I sent her roses without telling her who I was.”

“But you don’t know how expensive it is, so no movies and no snacks at the diner!”

Ron’s friend was moved by what Ron did, and the next day he told their boss about it. The boss was taken aback. He had never heard of a teenager spending money to make an old woman happy.

He was going to get a promotion and a big raise, so he decided right away that Ron was the best person for the job. Ron got a raise, so he could keep sending Anna flowers and still hang out with his friends.

Anna slowly got her zest for life back, and now she’s planning that trip to France with her daughter and son-in-law that she’s always wanted to take. She never found out who sent the flowers, and Ron still doesn’t know.