Dale Partridge and Michael Foster didn’t curse the darkness. Instead, they shone a light on the lurid drag queen story hours that are becoming all too common.

They could have a pastor’s story hour at the library instead.

CBN says that about 15 to 20 kids and their parents came to Partridge’s first library story hour. Partridge is the author of the book “Jesus and My Gender.”

He said, “I think the kids liked it and a lot of the parents did, too.”

Foster, pastor of the East River Church in Batavia, Ohio, joined Partridge in the effort and cited the command for Christians to be “salt and light.”

Foster is the co-director of a ministry called “It’s Good to Be a Man” and wrote the book “It’s Good to Be a Man.” He said that drag queen story hours show that men need to talk more about what’s going on.

Foster says that all Christian men should be out in the world showing the way. “If we don’t fill the void, who will? Well, there was a guy in underwear twerking in front of our kids.

“People are looking for leadership, and they want good things. There are a lot of chances out there that we just pass by. And there are some easy things to do.

“It took me less than 5 minutes to go to my library, fill out a form, ask for a room, and then come back a few days later to read to about 35 kids. So it gives us a chance to go out and show the way,” Foster said.

Partridge, who runs the website Relearn.org to “strengthen biblical and theological literacy in the church,” told CBN that he and Foster wondered why drag queens were more interested in influencing children than pastors and churches.

Foster said that the culture of today is evangelistic in the way it tries to change children.

He said, “It means to change our children.” “You know, if you watch any of these shows on Netflix or Disney Plus, you’ll notice that there aren’t any characters who aren’t clear about their sexuality. This used to be the case a long time ago, but not anymore.

“It’s like promoting homosexuality and all kinds of other bad things straight up. So they’re going after our kids, and they’ve made us think we can’t stop them.

Foster said, “That’s not true.” “Of course we can. In His church, God is at work. God has given us His Holy Spirit and His Word, and they help us do the ministry’s work.

Partridge and Foster don’t want their story hours to be one-time events. Instead, they want to do them every month and want other pastors across the country to do the same. Partridge hopes that tens of thousands of pastors will help.

Even though it’s a chance to share the gospel with children, Partridge said, “It doesn’t have to be a Christian book with a gospel message every time.”

“It could just be a great story about a good person that a pastor teaches,” he said.

Partridge says that it’s a way for churches to break their silence, which is often caused by the media.

“Doing nothing doesn’t work,” he said.

Partridge then told Christians that the never-ending waves of leftism in the media should not make them lose hope.

“The news has been used in a very effective way to make people feel like they’re being attacked and can’t win,” he said. “As Christians, we should believe that hell’s gates won’t win. Jesus has given his church a mission and given it the Holy Spirit to help it complete that mission.

Foster says that the Bible is the most powerful weapon.

“And God’s Word is strong. It’s more dangerous than a two-edged sword.”