When you first start school, one of the first things you learn is how to write. Not everyone learns to write as easily or as quickly as others, but calligraphy has its tricks and is an art where you work on making beautiful letters that are the right shape and follow different styles or sizes.

Even though you may have seen examples of people with great handwriting on social media, the best example is probably that of Paktriki Malla, a 14-year-old student from Nepal whose calligraphy is so good that it can look like printed text. Several experts have looked at the way he writes and come to the conclusion that each letter and the space between them are exactly the same.

Even though handwritten school notes are becoming less common, they used to be more common than you might think. This is because of the rise of technology, which has made writing in pencil or on paper less important. So that the girl’s great work wouldn’t be forgotten, the government of her country decided to honor her. A picture of a page of his notes has gone viral on a number of social networks. In fact, several users said that Microsoft Office should use the letter as the official source for its programs. One person also said that seeing this handwriting made him think of his father’s good writing when he was a child.

A statement from the Asian country said that the girl’s signature is the best in the whole country. This made people in other parts of the world want to find someone whose calligraphy is as beautiful and perfect as hers or even better. Pakriti Malla won the “Best Handwriting in the World” award in 2017 after taking part in a competition. Without a doubt, what this girl has done is worth telling other people about, and it gives many kids who are learning to write ideas. write, and who might be able to practice enough to get to the Pakriti level.