Children have their own ways of singing. They have no idea how to hide how they feel. Sophia, a cute little girl, is just mesmerizing with her performance. She doesn’t just open her mouth and make sounds that are hard to understand. Instead, she gives herself to the process with all of her feelings.

The future artist’s mother took a video of her daughter’s concert to remember how bright and emotional it was. The kids on the left and right sing a little and open their mouths, but Sophia stands out from the rest of the group with her clear, memorable actions on stage.

Many people liked the video. Choir is an operatic piece for a group of singers (often mixed, sometimes male, female or children). Usually shows a “collective character,” like a group of witnesses or accomplices, or a large group of people.

It is sometimes used to make an impersonal comment or as a way to make a “liturgical” color. This is now a choir artist, which is a very professional and well-respected staff unit. Well, they might not be the best paid, but they do have the same kind of creative life as the opera house.