Loraine Maurer is 94 years old, and she has been working at the same Evansville, Indiana McDonald’s for 45 years!

Loraine said that she worked at McDonald’s for the first time in 1973, after her husband retired on disability.

Loraine said, “When I began, I didn’t start to stay.” “I told him we were too young to stay at home, so I went and got a job.”

Loraine is loved by everyone at the restaurant, even Chip and Katie Kenworthy, who own it.
“There are a lot of fans of Loraine. Katie, who has owned the restaurant for three years, said, “That’s to say the least.” “Many of her regular customers come to our restaurant just to see her.”

Katie decided to throw a party for Loraine because she had worked at the restaurant for a long time. She asked her church, Good Shepherd Catholic Church Parish, as well as her family and friends, to come.

Loraine said that her party was great. “The only problem is that there were too many people there for me to talk to everyone.”

Loraine has four children, six grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. She said that her close relationships with her customers have helped her through hard times. In 1980, when her husband died, this was one of these hard times.

“When I lost my husband, they kept me from dying,” she said. “The people who bought helped.”

Loraine only works two days a week now. Every winter, she thinks about retiring, but she can’t stand to give up her shift.

She said, “I would miss it too much.” “I don’t want to feel down, and it’s not that I don’t want to go to work…. That isn’t a job.

“I really, really like it,” Loraine said in the end. “You make your life what it is. So I’m going to try.”