The bond between a mother and her child goes beyond all limits. It’s probably the most pure kind of love there is.

Even if there’s a big wooden door between them, it’s always and forever love.
This is what we saw in a stunning video that went viral on YouTube not long ago.

Ivy, the little girl, stood still outside the bathroom door while her mother took a shower inside.
But it wasn’t because Ivy had to go to the bathroom. You might wonder why she was out in the open.

It turns out that the cute child just wanted to be held by Mom.
At her age, it can feel like an eternity when you’re waiting for a big hug. When the video was made, Ivy was about 18 months old.

Even though it wasn’t her birthday, she was still being pushed around in a baby carriage and singing “Happy Birthday” to herself.

Ivy is already walking around the house on her own two feet.
This means that Mom can no longer run away. Ivy can find her mother anywhere in the house and tell her she needs a hug right away.

Even if her mother is in the shower, Ivy will ask for a hug.

In the video, Ivy says, “I want Mama.”

She is standing right outside the bathroom door with the saddest eyes we have ever seen.
Even though they’ve only been together a few minutes, it’s clear that she needs some time with her mom.

Mom yells Ivy’s name as soon as she knows her sweet daughter is out there. This just makes the little girl feel better, so she knocks softly on the wooden door. She is too short to reach the doorknob and open it herself, so she has to knock and wait.

Dad is also outside, watching and taking pictures of what is going on.

Ivy doesn’t have to wait too long, which is good.
The door opens in an instant, and Mom is there.

When Ivy sees her beloved parent, her eyes light up.
Hugging a child can calm, comfort, and even heal him or her. Love is another important thing to think about. Mom grabs Ivy in her arms, and in an instant, her whole mood changes.

“She reminds me of those old dolls with eyes that open and close when you move them up and down.” One person on YouTube says that the video is “GORGEOUS.”

It’s a beautiful sight, but it happens a lot.
In the comments section of the video, a few other moms told similar stories. A mother named Chaz Nonya told the following funny story:

“When my baby was born, she screamed every time I tried to take a shower.” As soon as she could walk, she made sure I never took a shower by myself. When we finally moved out (she was 23) and I took a shower, I called her and said, “Guess what?! She asked, “You had a quiet shower, right?” And both of us laughed.

Moms and daughters have an unbreakable bond that makes it almost certain that they will always annoy each other. When you need a hug, you can always count on one person. Mom is the name of the person.