Swing dancing is becoming more popular again in the United States. In this mix of amazing dance moves, there are a lot of skilled dancers who move in crazy ways. They raise the bar for swing dancing.

In the clips, there are black-clad Irish dancers in a parking garage. A man in a gray suit and fedora is dancing alone in the streets of a city. There are also a number of couples doing amazing moves together.

Swing dancing shows off the crazy legs that are part of the art. There are even clips from a famous Bacardi rum dance ad that show legs moving to the beat the whole time.

Two people tap dance on a pier that looks out over the water. All of these moves go to the classic swing band song “Sing, Sing, Sing,” which was made famous by “The Benny Goodman Orchestra” in 1937.

Gene Krupa, who was known as “the founding father of the modern drumset,” played the catchy beat on the drums. In “Sing, Sing, Sing,” the drummer was the star, and Gene Krupa changed the way band leaders wrote music for drums.

The famous composer Louis Prima wrote “Sing, Sing, Sing,” and the “New Orleans Gang” was the first group to record it. The most well-known version of the song is the one by Benny Goodman from 1937.

This mix is fun to watch because of the great jazz music and the crazy dance moves of swing dancing. Relive all the classic dance steps set to some of the best American music ever made.