Almost everyone in the world has a dream, but most of those dreams never come true. But for a man named Yu Hojin, who just won America’s Got Talent 2022, his dreams did come true.

Yu has done magic for almost all of his life. He was born and raised in South Korea, and he started doing magic when he was only eight. He didn’t have a support system like many of us did, which was a shame.

His mother didn’t mind that he was interested in magic, but his father didn’t like the idea. But this didn’t stop Yu. For years, he practiced magic tricks in secret in the bathroom.

Most secrets get out in the end. After five years, Yu’s dad found out about his interest in magic. But Yu was surprised that his dad didn’t say he didn’t like the idea. Instead, he asked him a simple question: “Hey, if I agree that you can do magic, can you be the best?” Yu said he could, which makes sense.

If his success is any indication, Yu has finally kept his promise to his father. Yu was recently named the winner of America’s Got Talent 2022. Even though he won in the end, it wasn’t easy for him to get there…

When Yu tried out for AGT, people had different feelings about him. He has a unique way of putting on a show that combines visual grace and magic tricks. This is not at all like the traditional, flashy magic shows that many people are used to seeing.