Most men are sure that a woman’s legs are her most attractive part. Men, on the other hand, usually think of…

The main character in today’s story is not like most people in the fashion world. And yet, she is often the center of attention in the fashion world.

Some of the time, glam does have strange legs. Because of her legs, our main character became well-known. She has a lot of active Instagram followers who support her right to dress how she wants.

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We’re big fans of retail therapy, but there are times when shopping is more painful than fun. Bras, swimsuits, jeans—hard it’s to find the right ones, and jean shorts are at the top of that list.

It’s hard to find great jeans, and when 80% of the legs are cut off to make summer-friendly shorts, it seems like the problem gets 10 times worse. Jean shorts have a bad rep for being uncomfortable and unflattering, but they’re a summer must-have no matter how you look at it. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, good jean shorts do exist, and if you do it right, you can find a pair that you can wear every day of summer.

Our editors decided to try on the most popular jean shorts of 2021 to see which ones are worth it and which ones we want to wear. Here’s how we broke it down, along with who won each haul. You’ll want these, we’re sure.

The jeans from Abercrombie’s Curve Love line made me fall in love, so I knew I had to try their shorts for the summer. I don’t have a pair of distressed jeans with a very light wash, so this pair caught my eye right away as the perfect chill girl option. I really like these, but the mid-rise is something I’m not sure I can get behind. I wanted to pull them up all the time, but that might be a problem with me. But I love how they fit in the thigh, so I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. These do run a bit big, so if you’re between sizes, I’d go with the smaller one.

After how much I liked the ’90s jeans from Abercrombie, I really wanted to like these too, but something about them just made me feel “meh.” They didn’t have quite the ultra-relaxed fit I was going for, but they are still a cute pair of shorts. The boyfriend pair was more like what I was looking for. I just wish they were a little bit longer and a little bit wider and looser through the thighs. They are also made of a slightly stiffer denim, which made me think I would have to adjust them (pull the legs down, etc.) more than I’d like.

As I said before, I really wanted to find a pair of longer, looser denim shorts that give off the coolest girl vibe for the summer. I just don’t care anymore about having to pull down my too-short shorts, chafing, or just feeling uncomfortable. We did find them, ladies. These shorts are so soft and comfy, and the length is just right for what’s in style right now. I know I’ll be going back to these over and over again all season. I found them to run a tiiiiiny bit large, so I would size down if between sizes—but if you’re more into a looser fit, stick with your usual.

Since a few years ago, Gap jeans have been a must-have in my closet. They’re cheap, stylish in a way I didn’t expect, and some of the most comfortable jeans I own. I always tell people to buy Gap jeans, so I was very excited to try out their shorts.

I chose a pair of shorts with a button fly and a slightly longer inseam. I really, really wanted to love them, because I have a pair of their cheeky straight jeans that look just like them. But because I have bigger thighs, which makes it hard for me to find shorts, these looked like someone took a pair of skinny jeans and cut them off in the middle of the thighs. I love how they look on the model online, and I like how the button-fly and waist fit. Someone with a different body shape might like them a lot. But I couldn’t wear them.