As the 1990s came along, he never lost his touch. He is known for playing catchy and fun songs, but in this live performance, he sang a song with a lot of meaning.

In 1998, he sang “Yesterday When I Was Young” in front of a live crowd. He starts by playing some guitar and singing the first line of the song, “Yesterday.” People are already applauding.

Clark sings about time and love as the piano keeps the song going. He talks about how easy the past can seem with a lot of feeling and force. His mesmerizing voice keeps bringing up memories of past pleasures.

As he sings, a calming choir joins in to set the mood. Clark keeps singing about how much he misses the past. His voice sounds both sad and happy at the same time.

He sings about crazy joys and songs to sing. Clark also talks about the pain he has never seen before. People also talk a lot about the fact that you lose your youth.

Clark then plays a bit of guitar in a way that is both modern and beautiful. His playing makes me feel both happy and sad. He slows down on the guitar and starts singing again.

The country music star writes about bigger things in his songs. He talks about being cocky, being proud, falling in love, and losing friends. The choir also gives their moving melody a more sad tone.

As Clark talks about leaving, the piano gets louder. His last lyrics, about how he knows his youth is over, are heartbreakingly beautiful. The rest of the band then plays a full ending to the song. Cheers come from the crowd.

Roy Clark was lucky that he still had more days to live after this show. In 2009, he would be given a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2018, Clark would die.