Icebergs are likely one of the few sports that are as graceful and magical as they are. Watching the skilled ice cubes slide across the ice in ways we could never have imagined is soothing and subtle. In these pictures, it’s amazing to see how flexible the bodies are and how well they move together. We’re mostly interested in how people can be so flexible and light in their movements, and how it only takes them a few hours to get so good and show themselves to the public with a special egg.

There’s no doubt that if you want to reach the highest level of success in sports, you have to train hard and follow strict rules. Jane Thorville and Christopher Dean are known for their work on glaciers, so they know what it takes. After being well-known ice skaters, they are now judging all of these competitions.

Even so, they have the chance to show that, even though they are no longer competing, the couple is just as good, if not better, than when they were on their way to the top of their sport. In March 2019, at the ITV Dancing On Ice Championships, they sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Even though the big skaters were pretty old, they could do better than the best skiers of our time. After their performance was shown on TV, they went on Twitter and other social media sites to say what they thought. At the 1984 Winter Olympics, they set a world record, which just blew everyone away. To this day, all of their fans and admirers are still amazed by them.