People say that real-life superheroes don’t wear capes, but it’s not clear what makes a superhero.

But no one could doubt that Jermaine, a man from Philadelphia, is a real-life superhero.

The 35-year-old man’s act of love for his mother was not only selfless, but it could have cost him his life.

Jermaine climbed up a burning 19-story building to get to his bedridden mother on the 15th floor. He did this even though he had broken his hip earlier that day.
When Jermaine’s sister called to tell him that their mother’s high-rise apartment building was on fire, he ran to the scene.

He knew that his mother couldn’t get out of the building on her own, so he helped her.

But when he got there, the police wouldn’t let anyone in the front door.

So, Jermaine, who knew a lot about roofing and building, climbed up the outside of the building to save his mom.

Jermaine said, “I climbed up with some wire cutters and cut the gate so at least the firefighters could get upstairs.”

He had broken his hip earlier that day when he fell down some stairs, but nothing was going to stop him from getting to his mom.

Jermaine tells WPVI Channel 6: “I did it because that’s my mother.” “There are no bounds. “Yes, that’s my mom.”

He went back down the building when he saw that the fire hadn’t reached the 15th floor and that his mom was safe. Then, a camera caught him doing something brave, and now he’s a national hero. Some headlines have even compared him to Spiderman.

“I think if anyone else was in that situation, they would do the same thing, because nobody wants to just sit outside and lose their mother,” a humble Jermaine said.

Everyone got out of the building safely, including Jermaine’s mother. Smoke inhalation was treated in three firefighters and four people from the public.