Matthew McConaughey, his wife Camila, their three kids, and his mother Kay all live in the same house and are very happy there.
On her 90th birthday, they had a party, and Camila was so grateful to her mother-in-law that she made her a special cake.
Even though they are very different ages, Matthew’s wife and mom are always together.

Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila, have created a lovely family. No matter what is going on in their lives, they have made sure that their children are loved and cared for.

They also care for Kay McConaughey, McConaughey’s mother. She lives with them, and her grandchildren and her son’s wife get along well with her. She recently celebrated a big birthday with the rest of the crew.

Kay’s 90th birthday this week was a reason to celebrate, and McConaughey and Camila made sure she knew how much she was loved. They both wrote about how they felt about each other on Instagram.

McConaughey posted a picture of his mother wearing a tiara and a golden sash. He said that she turned 90 and that his mother told the rest of the family that she couldn’t imagine not being there for those 90 years.

Camila also posted a picture on Instagram of her mother-in-law looking at a bottle-shaped cake. She joked that her Kay didn’t know if she should eat or drink the cake and said, “What a blessing it is to celebrate 90 years together.”

McConaughey’s wife said she was glad that her relationship with her mother-in-law had gotten better in 2020. She said that even though they disagree sometimes, they never stay mad at each other.

Then Camila said that her mother-in-law had taught her to be patient and strong. She also said that she liked how her mother-in-law said what she wanted and what she didn’t want. She finished the caption by going on and on:


Matthew doesn’t get upset when his mother says something. Even Though He Grew Up In A Simple Family McConaughey is a big star now, but he grew up in a simple family. He once said that some people might think the way his parents raised him was abusive. But he said that wasn’t how he felt.

He said that his parents chose to punish him and his siblings in a way that some people might find violent, but he doesn’t remember it being that way and thinks it all depends on how someone reacts to what is done to them. McConaughey said this about this point of view:

“I don’t raise my kids the way my parents raised me, but I wouldn’t dare criticize how they did it.”

The actor said that he and his wife have chosen to raise their kids with more dialogue as a form of discipline. This lets them debate with their kids about issues, but his mother still thinks they talk too much.

McConaughey said that he and his wife respect his mother, and since his mother moved in with them, his wife has grown close to her. He said that they spend time together and like being around each other.
Kay has talked about how much she likes living with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren in interviews since she moved in with them. What she said is as follows:

“I love being around my grandchildren so much. I feel very safe with them. Matthew is a great kid. I always tell him this. He treats me well.”

Daughter-In-Law and Mother-In-Law Are Like Girlfriends
Since Kay moved in with the couple, she and Camila have become very close friends. Camila says that her mother-in-law has taught her a lot over the years, and she is thankful for the knowledge she has given her.

McConaughey’s wife said that she loved how her mother-in-law made her laugh and was still sassy even though she was old. She then said that her mother-in-law was proof that a strong mind would lead to a strong body.

Kay and Camila have been making videos together for a while, which Camila posts on Instagram. She calls her mother-in-law “MaMac” with affection, and the short clips show how they spend their days.

In one video, they were talking about Kay’s shirt, which said, “I’m available.” Kay talked for a while, but Camila pulled her away so they could watch a soccer game. In another video, the two of them talk about lettuce.

Camila asked her mother-in-law if she knew what hydroponic lettuce was. When she said she didn’t, Camila asked fans to tell her in the comments what hydroponic lettuce was and said she would tell everyone later.

In another video, they were teasing each other on the beach while Kay was complaining that the wind was messing up her hair. Camila wrote this in the caption:

“She loves it when you mess with her in a loving, funny way! In fact, if she doesn’t get what she wants, she starts to cause trouble.”

Kay said in one video that it’s important to keep your brain active so your body doesn’t get lazy. Camila said that her mother-in-law gave her the motivation to keep going even when she didn’t want to. A very nice family!