Many of us wish we could repay our parents for all the love and help they gave us when we were growing up. No matter how big or small the favor, it’s always nice when someone gives something back.

After signing with the Washington Commanders, he wanted to give his mother the best “thank you” he could think of: a new house. Mom, you no longer need to worry about rent. A Phidarian named Phil Mathis put something on Instagram.

The Alabama defensive tackle was picked up by the Commanders in the second round in April. He signed a four-year, $7.506 million deal with the team. His four-year deal came with a signing bonus of $2.639,000,000. Suppose you were 24 and had.

Suppose you just gave someone $2 million. What would you do? Mathis’ signing bonus was used to buy a house for his mother. He shared pictures and a heartwarming video of his mother going to her home for the first time on Instagram.

Mathis could have done a lot of things with the money he got as a signing bonus, but he decided to give some of it to his mother. What an amazing young guy. Congratulations to both the mother and the son!