Once, an American engineer from Oregon named Bruce Campbell turned an old plane into a big, cozy home for himself.

The wonderful and unusual “building” is in the woods of Hillsborough, which is not too far from Portland.

He has worked for almost ten years to make his dream home work.

It’s a huge, old Olympic Airways 727 plane that’s 40 meters long and 4 meters wide.

This strange hobbyist paid $100,000 to make his airplane his home.

He even changed the floor, making it flat and clear so that it was cool.

Bruce has always wanted to do something like this, so he “chased” his dream to make it happen.

His big, comfortable home has everything he needs to live and work there.

His amazing work of art is also where he does his work and comes up with lots of new ideas.

It’s interesting that he was able to fit a shower stall, a toilet, a kitchen, and a bedroom into it so well.

The smart man came up with the best way to make a cozy and comfortable place for himself.

He chose to paint the whole plane blue, and he loves to clean up his special spot every week.

Bruce also signed up his beautiful new home that he bought from the US Federal Aviation Administration.