Once, a millionaire said he was broke and moved to live in his mother’s barn.

The building work was done on the outskirts of Derbyshire, where there wasn’t much traffic.

It’s a normal warehouse that was used to store tractors and feed before he decided to turn it into his home.

People who knew that the barn was now owned by a new person started to make fun of him.

And people talked about him for about 15 years before they found out the truth.

Alan Yeomans from England was that person. He rebuilt the old barn into a historic mansion.

He kept the building’s outside look almost the same, but moved it back a bit to give it a stronger base.

And his neighbors said that the barn seemed more empty after he left.

People also noticed that Alan wore simple clothes. They said he wore casual clothes so he wouldn’t stand out.

So, for 15 years, he didn’t invite his neighbor to visit until one day.

But, everyone was surprised when the police showed up instead.

During their investigation, the police found that the mansion was full of gold inlays, original paintings, and expensive and old home goods.

They thought that his property was worth about $2.2 million.

Also, it turned out that he had a secret bunker where he made cannabis and illegally sent it to other countries.

After being caught, he spent six years in prison.

So, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.