In the 20th century, there were a lot of funny entertainers. Stephen Fry, Robin Williams, and Betty White made people laugh so hard they fell on the floor. But Red Skelton was one of the most popular entertainers for almost 40 years.

Red Skelton was born more than a hundred years ago. He was an entertainer above all else. He had a long, varied career that included radio shows, vaudeville, and even burlesque.

Wherever Red went to show off his skills, he made people laugh with his happy jokes and winning personality. This was especially true when he started The Red Skelton Show, which later became The Red Skelton Hour.

People all over the country got to see Red Skelton on this popular TV show. After more than 20 years of performing, Red Skelton was a favorite of people of all ages.

For a lot of people, Red Skelton stood out from other comedians because he could appeal to a wide range of people. Some comedians were for adults, but Red Skelton was good for the whole family.

So, it’s not surprising that as Red Skelton got older, many people in the 20th century fell in love with him. When he did show up for shows, he was welcomed with open arms and standing ovations.

You want to see Red Skelton? See what made people laugh so hard in the 20th century in this performance by a man who got funnier as he got older.