People sometimes wish for things, and when this happens, everyone goes after their own goals.

For example, a girl named Oksana Li says she changed her appearance by spending more than 120,000 euros. She is a blogger on Instagram, where she shares her story along with new photos with people who follow her.

Let’s find out if that’s true.

The girl became known to the public when she was asked to appear on a federal channel show.

There, Oksana said how much she had spent on herself to get better, but no one believed such high numbers.

When asked where she gets all this money, the girl doesn’t hesitate to say that it comes from a rich man who really likes how she has changed.

All of those millions have been spent on both simple and impressive cosmetic procedures and surgeries.

The girl had her nose fixed and her breasts made bigger.

Oksana always thought about changing so much, but she spent a long time looking for the one person who would pay for all of her beauty treatments.

When the girl looked in the mirror and saw a better version of herself, she felt much better.