The wallet belonged to a millionaire, who decided right away to thank the man who found it.

Waralop, a 44-year-old Thai man, knew that the best times were in the past.

He lived under the platform at the train station for a few years and made money in odd jobs.

But when he saw a wallet on the platform, he decided not to experience karma by taking everything for himself and leaving the wallet there, but instead to find the owner and give the wallet back.

To Waralop’s surprise, the wallet belonged to a millionaire, who decided right away to thank the man for being honest.

The wallet, which a man rushing to catch the train is said to have dropped, looked expensive. Even by the standards of the homeless, the amount inside had to be a lot. It was hard to carry around.

But even though Waralop only had 9 baht (25 cents) in his pocket, he decided without a doubt to take the find to the local police station without even opening it.

The police were very shocked when the wallet was found. Because a man could easily steal a wallet and no one would ever find him.

But they took Waralop’s find and did an inventory. They found 20,000 baht ($520) and many bank cards in the Hermes wallet.

They were able to find the owner without much trouble. He turned out to be a young businessman who was good at what he did and owned several metal buildings.

He was very surprised that not only did he get his wallet back, but also that Waralop, the person who found him, didn’t take anything.

NIITI Pongkriangyos found Waralop and gave him 2000 baht per find. But the homeless man said politely that he had not earned it.

Then the business owner decided to take a different approach to the award.

The new offer from NIITI was to work at his factory and live in a hostel, which would give him a place to sleep.

Waralop took this job offer, which paid him 11,000 baht per month. He wasn’t cheating here, and he worked hard at the factory.

So, Niity decided to give him a raise six months later.

History was quickly written up in local papers, and the man who had been homeless became Thailand’s hero.

He works in a factory now, and he’s glad that one simple thing changed his whole life.