In 1990, twin sisters named the Hensel sisters were born. They were unusual because they were Siamese twins. The fact that these twins were joined together made them special.

The Hensel sisters’ parents didn’t want them to have surgery to separate them, so they didn’t change anything about how they are now.

At birth, doctors didn’t think the twins would live very long, but they were able to get through this hard time and are now healthy people.

Abby and Brittany are so used to being together that they don’t want to be split up.

Even though they are twins, they are very different people.

Abby is more quiet and likes to stay at home, while Brittany is more outgoing and likes to talk to people and go places.

They have learned to get along with each other.

When the sisters pick out clothes for themselves, they don’t always agree.

When they get new things, they have to change how big the girls are.

Abby and Brittany each went on their own educational and career paths after they graduated from school.

The twins’ teachers took steps to make sure they didn’t work together or cheat on their tests.

The sisters are elementary school teachers now, and each has her own license to teach.

They still share a single salary, though.