You can choose to be kind and helpful every day. It gives us a chance to do good things, especially for animals that aren’t as strong as we are.

In this story, one boy decided to make a small change in the world, which surprised a lot of people.

One day, a man from Sao Paulo named Fernando Gabriel and his brother Felipe were walking through the metro station when they saw a stray dog.

The second person was lying on the floor of the subway platform, and it was clear that he was freezing because it was so cold. Felipe took off his sweater and T-shirt in front of his brother Gabriel. The man then put his sweatshirt back on and gave the dog the T-shirt.

After a while, Gabriel said that everything happened so fast that at first he had no idea what his brother was doing. Many people walking by did not get it.

But when people saw why the young man was taking off his clothes, they began to take this amazing picture with their cameras.