She lives in a way that is very different from what most retirees do.

Hall is a 65-year-old woman who lives in the city of Tijuana in Mexico.

She is a pensioner, but she doesn’t live like most of them do.

In the hall’s history, a sad story happened that made it to the street.

Hall took very good care of the dogs that lived with her for many years. She cleaned and fed them with great care.

The woman slept with animals at night, and their bodies kept her warm.

They are all folded and put in a big trash bag.

When the local police finally saw that she was Mexican, she just refused to go with them.

She doesn’t make her everyday life more interesting; instead, she takes care of her pets.

Aside from that, one of the dogs was going to have puppies.

And Hall didn’t have the guts to leave the young mom and her kids to their own devices.

Castro, one of the police officers, realized that the hall would never leave his four-legged partners, so he started looking for ways to make a deal.

First, he bought everything a woman would need, like a standard mattress, plastic water bottles, warm socks, and the dog food she had been waiting for.

Second, she set up the Hall’s move to a tent that was made just for them.

The woman is now wearing a cape, and the puppies stayed close by.