Anna Pesce is a retired woman from the state of New York in the United States. It was rather normal. She is 85 years old, and the last time I saw her, she looked like a person her age should. Grandma’s kids and grandkids love her and have always thought she was doing well.

Everyone thought it was normal that Anna had constant back pain for a number of years. What a time. Even the woman didn’t think the pain would go away until she went to see her daughter.

She was walking up the stairs when she felt a sharp pain in her back that made it hard for her to stand up. Anna had to use a wheelchair for the rest of the time she went to see her daughter. And the woman no longer liked the idea of being helpless. She decided to figure out how to solve the problem.

She says, “I did everything.” “Acupuncture, physical therapy, and I went to a chiropractor. After that, the pain went away, but it came back quickly. About three months after that, Anna met Rachel Jessien, who was 28 years old.

Rachel had back pain and became interested in yoga because she thought it might help. After that, she became a teacher. The girl started going to an old woman’s house and showing her different exercises to help her stand up straighter and strengthen her back muscles.

After only a month, Anna could already feel the difference. And try to work out harder.
After two years, you can see for yourself how much the woman’s body has changed. She can straighten her back again.

Rachel also became well-known as a teacher, and now many people want to be in her hands.
Doctors have also confirmed that yoga can help get rid of back pain. Anna Peske’s story shows that you can always take care of your body. But be careful: it takes time and patience to make progress. And a great teacher.