Fans are amazed by how young Janet Jackson looks, even though she is the younger sister of the late Michael Jackson.

Despite being 56 years old, Janet does not look her age.

Because of this, many people think that she, like her brother Michael, has had plastic surgery to keep her look young.

Before he died in 2009, Michael Jackson was known to be interested in plastic surgery.

Several surgeons say that he had at least a dozen operations to change how his lips, cheekbones, chin, and eyes looked.

Many people think that his nose looks bad because he had too much plastic surgery.

But it is said that he changed how he looked because of how his skin looked.

Now, it looks like Janet has done the same thing.

She just went to the “Bal de la Rose” after being away for a long time, and fans were shocked by how young she looked.

There’s a good chance that her youthful look comes from her genes, but it’s also possible that she’s had work done by a skilled specialist.

Janet got her start in the entertainment business when she was young.

Her father, who was a successful musician and performer, decided that she and her brothers and sisters would start performing in Las Vegas when she was seven years old.

She went on to act in more TV shows and put out 11 albums, the most recent of which was “Unbreakable,” which came out in 2015.

Janet has had a rough personal life on top of her successful career.

She got married at age 18 to musician James DeBarge, but they later split up.

She ended up getting married twice more, but both times ended in divorce.

Janet was left alone again in 2017 after her second husband, a singer and dancer, and her third husband, a millionaire, divorced her.

Even though she has had problems in her personal life, Janet has kept her young look and is still a successful musician and an icon in the entertainment business.

It’s likely that both her genes and how hard she works to keep up her appearance have helped her look young.