Girls always carried birth certificates with them to show that they were sisters.

We’re used to the idea that if they’re twins, they’re like two drops of water; they’re the same.

Even if they look different when they are born, they may still have similar facial features. This is a clear sign that they are brothers and sisters.

Just that these twins didn’t believe they were related, so the girls always brought a birth certificate with them to prove it.

Lucy and Mary were born to British parents Donna and Vincon Eilmer in 1997.

Mother says she didn’t know what to say when she first saw the kids.

After all, they were not the same at all. Lucy had red curls in her hair and blue-blue eyes.

Mary’s skin was dark, her hair was brown, and her eyes were brown.

It’s interesting that the chance of having twins of different races is one in 500.

The girls’ mother was born in Jamaica, and her father is a brown Briton, as it turned out later.

There are more kids in the family besides the twins, but they all have the dark skin color of their mother, except for Lucy, who is brighter than even dad.

Like most kids, the sisters are very different.

Lucy loves to wear dark clothes and bright makeup, while Mary prefers to wear lighter colors and less makeup.

Curly hair is one thing that all girls have in common, though.

But Lucy doesn’t like this natural gift, so she always makes them herself.

Even though they are different, sisters are still very close to each other.

They love each other a lot and can’t imagine life without each other.