Hilton put on a wig and a bathrobe and posed like Marilyn Monroe for Vogue.

We all know that Paris Hilton, who is a well-known and successful model, likes to try new things with her look. This time, her inspiration was the late beauty icon Marilyn Monroe, whose look she imitated with a curly blonde wig.

The famous model wore a snow-white bathrobe and a necklace, bracelets, and earrings with sparkling stones to complete her look. She posed with a phone in her hand and magazines all around her.

Hilton was photographed for Vogue Magazine saying that “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” is her favorite movie of all time. “Calling my eternal icon” was written on the photoshoot.

“She has the beauty of Marilyn Monroe and the soul of Princess Diana,” “Marilyn is unrepeatable,” “If Monroe lived now,” “I don’t see any similarities,” and “She is the Marilyn of our generation.”

It’s important to note that the famous model is married to businessman C. Reum. They got engaged in 2020. Soon, the model felt the joys of being a mother, which made her long-held dream come true.

She has a 10-year-old daughter with popular reality star Lauren Bellizzi and a son who was born with the help of a surrogate mother.