A dad was having a fun night out with his young daughter when they were in the middle of dinner when something unexpected happened. The waitress gave me a note while we were out to dinner.

It turned out that two strangers had been watching him with his daughter, and what they said made him cry at his table.

Even though he was a single parent, it was clear that the unnamed man knew what was most important.

The single dad wanted to make his 6-year-old daughter feel special, so he took her out for a special dinner. He didn’t expect that the dinner would end in tears, though.

He could have gone out with his current flame, but instead, on a special night, he took his little girl out.

But things were about to change in a very strange way. When the two were eating at a place called The Old Spaghetti Factory, they didn’t know that two strangers were watching them as they giggled, laughed, and ate pasta.

But as the waitress walked toward their table, everything was about to become clear. The waitress gave him a note as he sat there with his child, unaware that he was being watched.

“I’m not going to lie, I cried at the table,” he said in a post on Imgur in which he showed a picture of the note he got.

“Hello, folks! Sorry to be nosy, but my husband and I saw you out with your little date,” the message began. The strangers then made the dad cry when they said nice things about how he raised his kids. “We were so impressed by how great of a Dad you are,” they said. But this message was about so much more.

Then they told him something that was all too familiar, which was why they had to talk to him while he was sitting with his sweet daughter. “It’s so important to have a male role model at a young age,” they said in a humble way, “coming from two adults who grew up without dads.”

The strangers didn’t just surprise the father and daughter with compliments, though. “Keep doing what you’re doing, Dad! “Dinner is on us!” they wrote at the end of the note, letting the dad know that they wanted to thank him for doing what a man should do but not many do.

This touching story shows how kind people can be, but it also shows that there is a real problem. Too many dads don’t spend enough time with their kids to be real dads.

The Washington Times says that 15 million U.S. children, or one in three, do not have a father. Even though the number of dads in homes is going down, they are still very important to their kids.

Having a father figure is good in many ways, including the fact that children with fathers are more likely to know how to talk about their feelings.

Dads give kids a different point of view and someone else to talk to and depend on, which gives them more confidence when they try something new.

When a father isn’t around, it can be very hard on the family.

Numbers speak for themselves:

63% of young people who kill themselves come from homes without a father, which is 5 times the average.

90% of homeless and runaway kids don’t have a father, which is 32 times more than the average.

85% of children with behavior problems don’t have a father in the home. This is 20 times the average. (Disease Control Center)
80% of rapists who have anger issues grew up without a father, which is 14 times the average. (Justice and Behavior, Vol. 14, Pp.

71% of kids who drop out of high school don’t have a father in the house. This is 9 times the average. (Report from the National Principals Association)

Maybe this is why the people in this story were so eager to tell everyone about what they saw. If we take the time to look around, we will see that there is good in almost every situation. We just tend to miss it.

Even though there are less and less dads in society, there are still dads who love their daughters and sons the way they should.

We need to pay as much attention to the good as we do to the bad if we want to show the world as it really is.

Good parents, whether they are single or married, fathers or mothers, should be praised and applauded. Parenting is hard, but a lot of us do it every day and give it our all.