Elon Musk is often in the news because he is one of the richest people in the world and the founder of Tesla and Space X. This time, though, the billionaire is getting a lot of attention for something very different. One of his sons has decided to change gender.

Not only did 18-year-old Xavier refuse to be a boy, but he also gave up his famous last name and is now known as Vivien Jenna. And the media have recently been able to get a few pictures of the new baby girl.

Even though she was wearing athletic clothes, it was easy to see that she was a woman and that she had beautiful long hair.

The girl went shopping with a woman she didn’t know who drove her car.

Let’s remember that Elon Musk had five kids with his writer wife, Justin Wilson.

Kai, Saxon, and Damian are triplets, and Xavier and Griffin are twins.