While out for a walk, a dog named Jax fell between two rocks and into a deep cave. The owner was afraid that the dog had broken something and she would never see it again… But she chose to move quickly.

A Staffordshire terrier named Jax fell into a deep cave while walking along the coast in New South Wales, Australia. The poor thing got stuck between two big rocks and couldn’t get out on its own because the cave was so deep.

Even its owner couldn’t help it. She and her husband decided right away to use social media to ask for help. “Our dog is stuck in a cave, and we need help getting him out. We need special tools and people to help,» the family wrote on social media.

The owners were worried that their pet had been hurt and that they would never see it again. But luckily, a group of regular people and people who know a lot about technology came together quickly to help. They all went to the place and made plans for how to save Jax.

Jax was pulled out of the cave with their help and hard work. Rescue workers in the area dug a little way into the cave and pulled Jax out. It looked like it was upset, but it was still glad to see people.

The owners say that after the stress, the dog went to sleep right away. Before that, Jax took a bath. The owner of Jax wrote, “Thanks to the whole team of volunteers for saving our boy and for their support.”