She did a fashion shoot for Tory Brunch with her first child.

The cute baby got his start as a model for a well-known brand, and his boss was a well-known woman.

Fans were moved by Emily Ratajkowsky’s son, who was just one year old. The kid’s first job as a model was for a fashion brand’s new line.

Ratajkowski did a photo shoot for Tory Brunch with her first child, Sylvester Apollo Bear.

Filming for the new spring/summer 2023 campaign was posted on the model’s social media accounts and on the brand’s official page. And everyone will be affected by this.

Ratajkowsky and her son’s colorful photo shoot took place in the famous Hollywood hills.

The streets, green palm trees, and strange tree shadows, against which the famous mother and son posed, were the main decorations of the campaign.

Ratajkowski tried on a transparent turtleneck, a cream skirt, a sand jacket, and other items from the new Tory Brunch collection, which was mixed with luxurious accessories like Cuff Bracelets and large Pocahontas earrings.

But most of the model’s fans were shocked when her son Sylvester came out.

In the picture, there was a blonde baby dressed as a funny alien. He also put on pictures of carrots and a beautiful rooster.