After playing the lead in the TV show “Euphoria,” she became known all over the world.

Zendaya, who is 26 years old, is one of the most promising and sought-after actresses right now.

After being the main character in the TV show “Euphoria,” she became known all over the world. The second season was followed by the third, and Zendaya was able to work on the Dune project between scenes of the drama.

As an aside, the actress now takes off the continuation. And people in the know say that she will have a lot more screen time there.

But Zendaya is well-known for more than just how good she is as an actress. She also became known as a fashion icon and had an affair with the same talented actor, Tom Holland.

People on the Internet can’t wait for Zendaya to show up on the red carpet again. But she is too busy now. Even her most popular blog is not as active as those of most of her coworkers.

Because of this, fans are very interested in the actress’s life, and they are happy to look at every rare picture that the star of “Euphoria” posts.

For example, Zendaya showed the other day that she had decided to change her look.

Remember that she did a bob at the end of last year? Haley Bieber copied her style. Now, the actress wanted to make her hair a little lighter, and she posted about it on social media.

“She is beautiful, classy, and girly. “Zendaya’s smile is worth noticing,” “To be honest, I haven’t seen a single movie she was in, but I do study every outfit she wears.” People on the Internet say things like “She has great taste” and “I think her hair will look even better with that color.”