She was born with flaws, so it’s not easy to care about her.

Do you want something sweet and charming in your life? Well, here’s a sad story about a dog that can’t hear and can only see part of the time. PLAY 10-month Australian Shepherd.

She was born with problems, and it’s not easy to take care of her. It was hard for her owner to wake her up without making her scared.

Even a small touch makes her jump. The guy came up with a way to wake up the dog that doesn’t scare it.

The man chose the best thing to do. He gently blows in her face to wake her up.

Even when the blow is happening, the flame jumps up in fear. When she feels her dad, she stops being scared.

Aiden has had a hard life and knows what it’s like to be different from everyone else.

He got a six-month-old deaf and almost completely blind dog in July 2019.

Plum lived with a man’s coworker for a short time. As soon as the man saw a snow-white creature, he fell in love.

Aiden said, “This wasn’t hard for me to decide because I have a daughter named Lola and the Play deserves a loving family and a carefree life.”

“Of course, there were some problems with Plum because she didn’t have many options. But the most difficult thing was probably learning how to talk to each other and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. There were a lot of trials and mistakes, but we got it done».